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Noticias de la Unión Geográfica Internacional (IGU-UGI)


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15/05/06 IGU E-Newsletter Quarterly # 10 October 2007. Contents:

1) Message on behalf of IGU Acting President José Luis Palacio Prieto
2) Communications from IGU Secretary General Woo-ik Yu
3) Next IGU initiatives: Tunis Congress 2008 and Tel Aviv Regional Conference 2010
4) Reports from IGU Commissions
5) Festival International de la Géographie 2007
6) Herodot Working Conference: "Geography for Society: Putting Bologna into Action"
7) Sustainable Futures, a book conceived in the Home of Geography
8) Summary of forthcoming 2007 IGU events

15/05/06 IGU E-Newsletter Quarterly # 8 April 2007. Contents:

1) Message from José Luis Palacio Prieto
2) Tunis 2008 Congress
3) Vallega commemoration day by the Italian Geographical bodies
4) SGI awards to Anne Buttimer and Adalberto Vallega
5) International Polar Year started March 2007
6) Saudi Geographical Society News
7) IGU Great Explorers Medals Series
8) Summary of forthcoming 2007 IGU events

04/12/06 Circular Num. 37 (pdf) de la Comisión de Geografía y Género de la UGI

22/11/06 Fallece Adalberto Vallega, Presidente de la Unión Geográfica Internacional.

06/11/06 IGU e-Newsletter Nº 6 October 2006. Contents:

1) Regional Responses to Global Changes. A View from the Antipodes
2) The IGU Regional Networks: A comprehensive view
3) Key International Initiatives of IGU
4) IGU Commissions and Task Forces ISLANDS
5) 2008 International Geographical Congress
6) 2010 IGU Regional Conference in Tel Aviv
7) Festival International de Géographie, Saint Dié 2006
8) Obituary: Gilbert F. White
Update: Activities of the Home of Geography

27/06/06 ICSU Insight Newsletter, June 2006, vol 4, n° 2 (pdf)

13/06/06 United Nations Year of Cultures and Civilizations for Human Development: Rationale and Background A Working Paper by Adalberto Vallega Co-ordinator, CCHD Initiative

07/05/06 IGU e-Newsletter Quarterly - Nº 4 April 2006 (pdf). Contents of this Issue

  • Message: Roles and visibility of geography in a changing world /non progredi est regredi, by Adalberto Vallega

  1. Obituaries for Prof. Niko Berutchasvili and Prof. Serge Antoine

  2. 2006 Brisbane Regional Conference

  3. 2008 International Geographical Congress

  4. 2010 Regional Conference

  5. ICSU 2006-2011 Strategic Plan - Part II

  6. International Year of Planet Earth

  7. Arab League of Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisations

  8. Festival International de Géographie : 2006 Action Plan

  9. Cultures and Civilizations for Human Development

  10. Mediterranean Reanissance Programme

  11. New Commissions: Small Islands

  12. Lesotho Atlas of Sustainable Development

  13. l’ Éspace politique: A new Geographical Journal

  14. UN Group on Geographical Names

  15. Researching Poverty and Land Use in Vietnam

  16. Memorandum of agreement with China

  17. Olympiads in China

  18. SPECIAL: Home of Geography

25/04/06 Noticias:

  • Letter (word) from Adalberto Vallega (President of IGU) to encourage the IGU National Committees to convene events promoting geography vis-à-vis the public and the media on a local scale. In this respect, the formula which is the easiest in operational terms, and socially the most attractive, seems to be the National Geographical Festival (NGF)...

  • International Year of Planet Earth: A particularly important action that is fundamental to the successful implementation of the Year is the establishment of National Committees of the Year of Planet Earth. At the time of writing, 10 such National Committees are up and running (in Austria, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Mongolia, Namibia, New Zealand, Sweden and the UK). In twenty other countries such Committees are being actively developed and the process has been initiated in a further 13 countries. Such National Committees are independent bodies while, at the same time, having links with the International Corporation. The success of the International Year very much depends on quality and range of activity at the national level, not least because of the need to attract, in a sustained way, the attention and  engagement of both public and political life at all levels.
    We call upon all members of the geoscience  community around the world to recognize the opportunities offered by this global initiative, and to provide their support at all scales, from global to local, to make this a ‘once in a lifetime’ event.

21/03/06 ICSU Insight. Newsletter, March 2006, vol 4, n° 1

27/02/06 Noticias:

10/02/06 Noticias:

29/12/05 Noticias:

10/10/05 Noticias:

04/10/05 Commission on Political Geography. Newsletter 5 (Sept. 2005, rtf)

18/09/05 Descargas de interés:

12/09/05 Información actualizada en la web del congreso Regional Responses to Global Changes A view from the Antipodes. International Geographical Union. Brisbane, Australia, 3-7 Julio 2006.

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